Create and distribute your own NFTs

🤓 Zero technical knowledge required
🌱 100% carbon-neutral NFTs

NFTs aren't just speculative pseudo art. 👻
AirGift allows your business to embed NFT offering within its flow within minutes.

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How it works

Simple as 1, 2, 3...



Craft using our designer studio or upload your visuals



Set up your smart contract and post it to the blockchain



Pick the right method for your need



Seat back and monitor your community grow


Pick the technique that suits your need

Simplicity at heart

For both our customers and their beneficiaries

  • No blockchain knowledge required
  • No need to get your IT involved
  • Easy to set up custodial wallets
  • Zero fees for beneficiaries

Campaign ideas

Get inspired by dozens of already existing use cases

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Launch a new product, surprise guests at an event or simply please your beloved ones

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Customer acquisition

Simply drop a limited edition open retrieve link on various social media network to reach out to new users

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QR code inserts

Print out a unique code on our packaging or leaflets that customers simply need to scan

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Treasure hunts

Hide retrieve links among your product and offer benefits to the ones who find them all

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Product passport

Attach a NFT that could operate as a store of value recording every milestones of your product

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Create a digital twins to every ticket you will issue that people could flex and store as a collectible

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What exactly does a NFT do?


A NFT is a digital object that lives on a blockchain. It can encapsulate a non-physical object such as an image, a song, a contract or it can be attached to a physical one a car, a house. NFTs have many benefits such as: they are impossible to falsify and they are easy to create, customise, transfer and track. 

Why offering NFTs?


We believe NFTs can become a fantastic marketing medium if spread widely. Following this vision, free minting is the right way to go to on board your community rapidly. Also, nothing makes a greater impact than a gift and that is what you want your brand to be associated with. 

Which blockchain protocol do we use?


Every NFTs generated by AirGift are on the Polygon network which is the most popular layer 2 solution based on Ethereum. Layers 2 offer higher scalability and lower fees while benefiting from the same level of security.

How can AirGift issue 100% carbon neutral NFTs? 


In April 2022, the Polygon network announced its commitment to go carbon neutral and climate positive this year by releasing their “Green Manifesto: A Smart Contract with Planet Earth”. They also made a $20 million pledge to offset their carbon footprints and buy extra credits to eventually become carbon negative.

Do my users need to or will own crypto?


Even if NFT use the same underlying technology than crypto, called a blockchain, as a free minting solution, our platform is designed so anyone can retrieve their NFTs without owning any crypto currency.

Where can users store their NFTs?


Users can store their NFT within any crypto wallet out there that is Polygon compatible. If they don't have a crypto wallet, we are on the verge of releasing our own that will be the 'world simplest NFT wallet'. Hold on tight. 

What are utilities and how can I add some?


Utilities are benefits that anyone can offer to NFT holders. It can be free gifts, a promo code, an early and/or VIP access, additional content, extra customer support, etc. Some collections get very creative. You don't necessarily need them to be created before you launch. They can be created later on to create future dynamics. These can be done on your own but we are already working on a "benefit portal" - scheduled for Q1 2023 - to issue and monitor them all.