March 23, 2022

7 uses cases for NFTs in Marketing

NFTs can be easily integrate in your marketing practices, here are a few examples of how !!

“I don’t understand what are NFTsuseful to if not for speculation”. This sentence comes out often when discussing NFTs with friends, colleagues or family members, and to this question one should answer that there is so much more to NFTs !

In previous articles, we’ve addressed how NFT will go to be profit-oriented to utility-oriented but also how marketing will be the next big thing in NFT, and we were not far from the truth 😉

Since these articles were published, the NFL has extended Ticket Stub NFTs to over 100 Games for 2022 Season, and Alpha Romeo announced that its SUVs will uses NFTs and blockchain to track car records.

These companies with the likes of Prada, Nike, Adidas and many others are paving the way tocorporate NFTs, but you don’t need to be a multinational, or to have a blockchain-specialized IT team to start incorporating NFTs in your practices. What you need is imagination. The best thing corporates can do is to get creative. Identify the problem for your company, and then apply an NFT solution that makes sense. They exist easy-to-use solution that integrate into your workflow to set up and distribute your NFTs (for that go check out 😎 ). In this article, we will provide you with seven simple NFT use cases for Marketing.


First, let’s talk about how compatible NFTs are with basic principles  of Marketing !


Engagement is at the core of a company marketing strategy. To acquire  loyal customer, you first need them to interact with your brand so that you can increase brand awareness, create positive user experiences, and install trust between you and your customers. NFTs can improve engagement by interacting with your customer in an innovative way. They are impactful branded experience that will support meaningful interactions between you and your customer. Design your collection, gift NFTs to your customer, and remain visible at any time. The NFTs will be collected on your customers' private wallet, and as long as they hold your NFTs they will be reminded of the different milestones they achieved with your brand. Gifting is a powerful tool in marketing, but often used... NFTs will allow you to differentiate yourself from the horde, and it will grant you the most important prize: your customer attention. NFTs offers limitless possibilities to stimulate customer engagement, it would be a shame not put this tool in good use !


Exclusivity is a distribution practice used to stimulate the “urge” within a customer’s mind. While exclusivity is timed, the NFTs associated with it are timeless. Set up collections that give access to special events, unique drops or exclusive resources. In minutes, create NFTs that are as unique and exclusive as what it is giving access to. The limited supply of NFTs distributed and the accesses they grant their holder will embodied the very essence of exclusiveness around your brand, and your customers will take pride in participating or being beneficiaries, and they will have your NFTs to show for it !



Creating connections between a brand and a customers is of vital importance for companies, but what is even more powerful is when you create the space for your customers to connect with one another, and to identify as part of your community. NFTs help creating and stimulating a community around your brand. Issuing and gifting community NFTs to your customers will increase their sense of belonging, AND you will give them the opportunity to broadcast it ! One of the superpower of NFTs is that it doesn’t live only in one kingdom but in many. Standardization of NFTs allow the holder to digitally own their token, and to publish it on other platform. Imagine a proud holder of your NFTs publishing it on Instagram !

Set up NFTs collections that: authenticate your customers as members of your community, give access to specific chat rooms, establish loyalty rankings and give voting rights. With NFTs, make your customers your ambassadors and your number one competitive advantage !



1. Reward & Benefits

Set up collections and choose the benefits embedded to the collection  to reward loyal customers ! When a customer is eligible to a reward, a NFT from the desired collections will automatically be sent, and the customer will be allowed to claim its reward by retrieving the NFT. The NFT acts as a gift, and the benefit is stamped to it: discount, goodies, gift cards, reward points… you choose ! NFTs is a new tool at your disposal to implement the best loyalty program that will improve you retention rate.

For instance, everytime someone purchase its third online courses Udemy, they get a NFT through wich they can claim Udemy’s book “How to procrastinate efficiently”  (it doesn’t exist, but thatwould be a cool title 😉)

2. Gift NFTs to your customers for theirachievement with your brand

Leverage NFT technology to digitally stamp for life your customer’s achievement with your brand. Enhance their feelings of achievement by setting up memorable collections equal to the efforts produced. Thanks to the interoperability and common standards of NFTs, you can improve customer loyalty by allowing your customer to expose his achievement to a broader audience. He will be able to display it outside of your ecosystem and across other platforms.They will literally own their achievements !

You have run your first 20 km on Strava, and you were airdropped a cool NFT medal to make this achievement authentic. I bet that you will not wait more than 50 seconds to post the NFT on Instagram 👀

3. Welcome Package for new customers andcollaborators

First impressions matter, and this has never been truer than with your customers and collaborators ! First times should be memorable in order to develop a positive experience. Greet new collaborators on their first day with inspiring NFT that will make them feel welcome and desired among your team. Also pave the way for a fruitful relationship with your customers by setting up a special collection for their first purchase. Make souvenirs that will make impossible for your customers and collaborators to forget you !

Oriai Robotic is a great example for this use case.

4. “Happy Birthday” NFT

Instead of sending a Happy Birthday message, differentiate yourself by sending a NFT that would appear in the customers’ private collection. People pay attention to who wishes them happy birthday as it shows who cares about them. Hence, associate your brand on this happy day with an impactful birthday gift that is cost-effective, immutable and timeless. Also add vouchers to the NFTs of the collection to generate calls to action on a day your customers feel grateful. Your token of appreciation on your customer’s special day will not go unnoticed, and will last !

It’s Gilles’ birthday, he is a fan of woodworking and he desperately desires the new random orbital sander from Bordet (I heard it was really good 😝). Later that day, he receives a beautiful Bordet 3D NFT with written on it “It is you special day, and we want to make it evenmore special.” If he goes to a Bordet shop and show the NFT, it grants him with a 30% discount on one product of his choice. I think we know what Gilles is going to spend it on …  


5. Thank you badges

Trust is something that isn’t given that easily, and being grateful is a way to show your customer how much you care for them. With unique NFTs, establish strong communication around the goodwill of your company after your clients’ purchases or subscriptions. Besides confirming your client that everything went well, a sophisticated “thank you” can inspire confidence to your customers to purchase from you again. Add “thank you” NFTs to your emailing flow, and give your customers the opportunity to keep tangible tokens of your gratitude !

You have hesitated for a long time between subscribing to TechCrunchor Medium. After reading articles from both media, you decided that TechCrunch was the type of content that suited you the best. Seconds after paying, you are airdropped a TechCrunch NFT thanking you for trusting them with your media consumption and welcoming you to their community. Damn that’s cool 🤩


6. Voting Rights

The same way you need feedbacks from your clients to develop an offer that best suit them, make them take part in your decision-making process so they directly give you the answer you are looking for. With customers increasingly voicing their opinion about a brand on the internet, granting voting rights to loyal customers is a great mean to make them feel heard and included in the growth of the brand.

We will take the example of Gilles again. Gilles is a loyal customer to a French online snicker shop. The online company is soon to drop a new collection, but they decide that it would be the customer that would choose the best ambassador for the collection. Because Gilles is holding a voting NFT of the brand, he can choose whether he wants Omer Simpson or Rick & Morty as the next ambassador. I would choose Rick 🤷♂️


7.  Private chat & Loyalty ranking

The best for people to connect and identify to one another is to share common hobbies and passions. Set a private chat for your customers, with the access conditioned by holding your NFT in their wallet. It will create an exclusive space where your customers feel part of a community of like-minded people. Reward the ones that are the most active on the chat with NFTs that give them a specific rank within the community and benefits. Your customer have plenty of things to say and discuss about !

I will use myself to illustrate this use case. I live and breathe tennis (for real, ask me anything…). I play with a Head Radical S, and all my previous racquets were from Head. If I was airdropped a Head NFT to get access to a private chat where people can discuss tennis or give feedbacks about tennis accessories, I can guarantee that I would be airdropped a Gold member NFT because I would interact on the chat all the time !!

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