“The Airgift platform is really easy to use, everything is in one place so we were able to do our end-to-end collection from launch to monitoring results on the same platform. Also, I really appreciated that several members of the organization could log in at the same time so we can collaborate together on the project without having to provide an extra cost per user."

Ticketing project manager
Parklife Festival
Key features implemented
  • ticketing
  • AirPocket digital wallet
  • designer studio

Secure your festival ticket and give your visitors a lifetime souvenir

About the customer

Parklife Festival is a British music festival occurring in Manchester at the beginning of the summer season. The festival welcomes nearly 80,000 people per day over a few days. Parklife Festival had already heard about NFTs in the festival world: already big festivals like Coachella or Tomorrowland had issued NFTs when organizing their events. So, the festival wanted to follow the trend.

AirGift implementation

The organisation team asked AirGift to help them to issue a collection of NFTs for the 2022 edition.  They had two ideas with this NFT project: on the one hand, creating an NFT ticket that ensures a guarantee of authenticity and on the other hand, using the NFT as a souvenir collectible by the attendees.

The Parklife Festival team approached AirGift to match its ticketing system with NFTs. When purchasing a ticket, customers received an email containing an NFT with their ticket included in it. With this approach and thanks to blockchain, the festival wants to reduce attempts at ticket fraud and can trace ticket exchanges more easily. 

"We were worried that we wouldn't have a hand in creating the NFTs, but we quickly found that we were able to create an NFT from scratch with the designs we wanted to reflect our festival with our logos and images."

In the digital era, the Parklife festival wanted to find an alternative to the classic bracelet that we keep around the wrist after the concerts and find a proposal for a more modern souvenir that can be shared on social networks. 

Festival-goers were thrilled to be able to keep a souvenir of their festival and display it in their AirPocket digital wallet. Parklife festival issued NFTs with the artist lineup by day, allowing the NFT holder to flex to his friends and show them the artists he saw.