"Their wallet was the feature that convinced us, right away. AirGift managed to turn a scary on boarding experience into something incredibly fluid."

Beatrice Tourvieille
VP Marketing at Les Cinémas Pathé Gaumont
Pathé Gaumont
Key features implemented
  • API integration
  • White label wallet
  • Social display

From a one shot experience to a life time memory

About the customer

'Pathé Gaumont' is a cinema chain operating over 125 theaters in France, the Netherlands, Switzerland, Belgium, and Tunisia. In 2020, they sold over 4.5m tickets, in France alone. 

For a long time now, Pathé Gaumont was looking for an efficient way to make the memory of the experience last longer. They experimented with physical goodies but the required logistic offset the potential gains. They start exploring NFTs from the collectible angle. 

AirGift implementation

Given the targeted volume, Pathé Gaumont knew they had to look for an automation solution. They found out about AirGift through our Linkedin posts, commenting the Corporate NFT news. Also, as a mainstream B2C retailer, they know most of their customers were tech savvy and didn't possess a digital wallet yet. Looking around for partners they realized only AirGift was able to complete their 2 requirements: automated sending and a straight forward wallet feature for the end users. 

Thanks to the great flexibility of the credit packages, they were able to experiment manually quickly on a limited sample and adjust their visual while they ramp up their distribution. 

While they were reaching nationwide deployment they encountered a benefit they didn't anticipated much. Users were starting to display their NFTs on social medias, which motivated theirs friends to book seats, just to also get an NFT. They had managed to upgrade passive customers into ambassadors. 

In 2022, Pathé Gaumont will beta test the "perks" feature by offering free popcorns to wallet holders having collected at least 5 of their NFTs.