“We have had really positive feedback on the implementation of QR codes on our products to give access to NFTs. For most of our consumers, it was their first NFT and they really appreciated the innovative initiative that they don't find in more classic brands. “

Key features implemented
  • free retrieve
  • benefits
  • AirPocket wallet

Free retrieve through a QR code for your customers

About the customer

Seasonly is a clean, natural and vegan skincare brand known for offering personalized products. 

This DNVB is one of the biggest players in the ‘natural’ beauty niche in France, giving customers an online experience that allows them to tailor their skincare product that works for exactly what you need.

AirGift implementation

We wanted to offer NFTs to our community, specifically we wanted to offer a thank you NFT to our consumers when they purchased a product. 

We approached the AirGift team to find out how we could create a collection of NFTs to thank customers for their purchase. 

AirGift proposed us an innovative solution that we had not thought of: put QR codes on the packaging of our products so that when the customer receives her product, she can scan the code and get her NFT as a thank you. Then, our customer just has to store her NFT in her AirPocket digital wallet. 

Also, AirGift told us about the possibility to add a benefit to our NFT: for each NFT owned by a customer, there is a discount code attached that allows the customer to have the right to a 10% discount on their next order. 

“Our clients are mostly digital natives who are very connected. They had no trouble understanding the principle of NFTs and immediately appreciated the attention.” This approach really fits with our digital identity, which has a huge influence on the way we communicate our brand culture. One of our clients even told us that it was a change from the traditional "Gift with purchase" which is often material and not very sustainable. Indeed, AirGift works with the Polygon blockchain which is carbon neutral and environmentally positive. We liked it a lot and it fits perfectly with our positioning and our brand identity which proposes a clean beauty.