FAQ related to NFTs
  • What exactly does a NFT do?
  • Why offering NFTs?
  • Do my users need to or will own crypto?
  • How do I make an NFT?
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FAQ related to AirGift platform
  • How to generate and distribute NFT collections with AirGift?
    How can AirGift issue 100% carbon neutral NFTs?
  • Which blockchain protocol do we use?
  • Where can users store their NFTs?
  • What are benefits and which ones can I add to my NFTs through AirGift?
  • How do I insert AirGift into my workflows?
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FAQ related to NFT marketing
  • Which ways can NFT be used as a marketing strategy?
  • What is a NFT campaign?
  • How do I start a NFT campaign?
  • Can I make a NFT of a Brand?
  • What value do NFT bring to my customer ?
  • What is community marketing?
    How do you build a community for your brand with NFTs?
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What exactly does a NFT do?

A NFT is a digital object that lives on and is secured by the blockchain. It acts as a timeless and digital stamp for verifying the authenticity and the ownership of an object. The object attached to the NFT is either physical or non-physical. It can be anything: an image, a song, a collectible, a contract or even a car.

Why offering NFTs?

We believe businesses should reward all their community members and not just the ones who can afford it. We also believe that NFT can become a fantastic marketing medium if spread widely. For this to happen, NFT purchasing is still the greatest adoption barrier. Following this vision, free minting is the right way to go to on board your community rapidly. 

What we didn't expect was how happy some beneficiaries become when it comes as a surprise. Nothing makes a greater impact than a gift and that is what you want your brand to be associated with. 

Do my users need to or will own crypto?

Even if NFT use the same underlying technology than crypto, called a blockchain, as a free minting solution, our platform is designed so anyone can retrieve their NFTs without owning any crypto currency.

How do I make an NFT?

To create a NFT, you have to set up a smart contract that follows specific protocols such as ERC-721 or ERC-1511. Once deployed on the blockchain, people can interact with the smart contract to create (mint) the NFT. It can be a bit complex… that is why AirGift platform made it simple, so that you can create and distribute a NFT collection in less than 5 steps !


How can AirGift issue 100% carbon neutral NFTs? 

In April 2022, the Polygon network announced its commitment to go carbon neutral and climate positive this year by releasing their “Green Manifesto: A Smart Contract with Planet Earth.” They also made a $20 million pledge to offset their carbon footprints and buy extra credits to eventually become carbon negative.

Which blockchain protocol do we use?

Every NFTs generated by AirGift are on the Polygon network which is the most popular layer 2 solution based on Ethereum. Layers 2 offer higher scalability and lower fees while benefiting from the same level of security.

Where can users store their NFTs?

Users can store their NFT within any crypto wallet out there that is Polygon compatible. If they don't have a crypto wallet, they can create one by downloading our mobile app, called AirPocket.

What are benefits and which ones can I add to my NFTs through AirGift?

As NFT issuers, at any point of time, you can associate benefits to your NFTs to create more value to your community. 
At AirGift, we are working on a benefit portal that will enable you to add the most common benefits without having to write a single line of code. Our first 4 benefits we are working on are: physical rewards, invitations, coupons, and voting rights.

How to generate and distribute NFT collections with AirGift ? 

Here is a step by step guide on how to generate and distribute your first NFT collection to your customers. Don’t hesitate to contact our support team if you encounter any problem.

How do I insert AirGift into my workflows? 

If you want to sync AirGift with a common tool (Hubspot, MailChimp, Workday, etc) we recommend you go through Zapier where AirGift is publicly available. 
If you can't find your tool on Zapier, you can use our API enabling to send NFTs on the fly. 


Which ways can NFT be used as a marketing strategy?

NFTs offer a new digital medium to interact with your customers. It can be used to create direct value for your customers (loyalty program), to enhance sense of belongings (membership) or improve the customer experience (collectibles made of an experience with your brand). Go check our uses case for some inspiration.

How do I start a NFT campaign?

First you need to precisely define your marketing objectives, so you can chose the adequate type of NFT collection to create. What information do I want my NFTs to convey ? What will be my max supply ? What are my visuals going to be ?

Then, you can use AirGift platform to generate and distribute by email your collection to your targeted audience, even if they don’t have a wallet. Finally, you can monitor the progress of your campaign through AirGift dashboard. 

Can I make a NFT of a Brand? 

With AirGift platform, you can create your own brand collection in a few click. You have the opportunity to establish a well-designed NFT collection that resonates with your brand. All it takes of you is to think of a well though branded design, and to bring value to your customers by choosing the right utility. 

What is community marketing?

Community marketing is a strategy that seeks to make people identify to a brand. By identifying with the value and social positioning of a brand, people are more likely to engage with it and act as its ambassador. A good branded community strategy has two major pillars:
1) To create safe spaces and experiences for people to share with one another.
2) To issue identifiers that link an individual to the community. NFTs are great identifiers.

What value does a NFT bring to my customer?

The value that a NFT brings to the person holding it, also call the “holder”, can have multiple forms. It can be tangible with a NFT granting ownership to a physical object or reward (i.e. coupon). The value can also be intangible with a NFT granting access to a network of people. Finally, a NFT can have a sentimental value to the holder by being the expression of an accomplishment or an experience.

How do you build a community for your brand with NFTs?

The success of a Brand community rests on two pillars:  A safe spaces created by the brand were like minded people can share and discussBrand identifiers to which people can identify  NFT is a “one stone two birds” solution to community marketing. By being unique, secure and verifiable; a NFT can act as a proof of membership to a specific community while granting  access to special events and network. The NFT is the digital identifier to a specific community.