Associate a collectible twins to your tickets.

You want to provide your customers with timeless souvenir of your events. Add a digital twins to your ticket so that your customer can always remember what they experienced during your event.

At their simpliest form NFTs can be digital collectibles that hold emotional value for your customer. Your customers really enjoyed one of your event ? Gift them a NFT so that they can proudly, immutably and authentically share with the digital world the experience they had.

AirGift will plug in your existing routine. You just have to define the right trigger and NFT will be sent out to your beneficiaries with you even noticing it. 

Event ticketing

Attach a Branded NFT to your ticket

Achievement Badges

Send NFT badge upon participation to an event

Digital Goodies

Personalize 3D NFTs as digital goodies

Case studies

Here a few examples to seek inspiration from

Icon of a Brand NFT