Add NFTs to your customer interactions

You are looking to increase your customer return rate in your physical or online store ? Add NFTs to your interaction with your customers to create value post purchase, and boost their loyalty.

As digital objects, NFTs act as authentificators of real world experiences in the digital world. Leverage NFT technology to issue collectibles out of your clients' experiences with your shop, and build a complete loyalty program upon it.

You want to create a stimulating loyalty program, use branded NFT as digital identifiers for your customer to claim rewards. Combine the pleasure of collecting digital items with the pleasure of being granted rewards.

AirGift will plug in your existing routine. You just have to define the right trigger and branded NFT will be sent out to your beneficiaries with you even noticing it. They'll just have to collect and claim rewards.


Attach promo codes and discounts to a NFT


Reward holders of your branded NFT with physical goodies


Issue NFTs that unlock exclusive content


Add voting rights to a NFT

Case studies

Here a few examples to seek inspiration from

Icon of a Brand NFT