Give a sense of ownership to your savvy community

Most of your members is a young crowd confortable with the concept of digital goods. They have a strong relationship with your brand culture and they would be pleased to own a piece of it. 

As objects with a clear ownership marker, NFTs are great gifts to reinforce this sense of belonging. These can be leverage internally with your employees and backers but also externally towards your prospects and customers. 

Most of your workflows are automated and you are keen in using CRMs and mailers. In that case, AirGift will plug in your existing routine. You just have to define the right trigger and NFT will be sent out to your beneficiaries with you even noticing it. 


Send a branded NFT to qualified leads


Attached an NFT to any transactional emails


To every milestones reached, reward the achiever with a NFT


Gift your early-birds with unique and exclusive NFTs

Case studies

Here a few examples to seek inspiration from

Icon of a Brand NFT