Our vision

At AirGift we are on a mission to democratize web3. Our goal is to help onboard the next 1 billion of holders. 

To do so, we believe NFTs are the easiest entry point. But not the kind of NFTs you have in mind. You know... The speculative ones. We also believe that NFTs could be fantastic marketing mediums for brands and businesses. They bring a powerful mix of network effects and  incentives. Up to now, corporations were just missing the tech. 

NFT as a marketing tool

As cookies will disappear in 2023 and online ad is getting increasingly competitive, NFT offers an innovative way to bond with your community. 

Free distribution is the best and quickest way to build that connection. Beneficiaries feel rewarded and empowered, becoming brand ambassadors. 
Market description of Brand NFTs

Kicking off the journey

So we went on to do customer research. Our goal was to interview 100 marketing departments. We managed to speak to 41. We've explained our quest over and over again, we've asked if web3 was anywhere within their roadmap and what was preventing them from thinking 10x bigger and 10x faster.
3 feedback kept coming back over and over again:
- Too complex
- Too expensive
- Not environmental friendly

Now, we knew what we had to crack. And boy did we crack it...


AirGift is 100% self served, from sign up to launch. You do not need to speak to anyone from AirGift. We kept it simple and sweet. My own mom was able to launch her collection within minutes. Zero crypto gibberish to sound smart. And yet, we rely on state of the art protocols. 


Based on all the quotations we were able to get our hands on, launching a 10,000 NFTs collection, businesses have to invest at least 50kEUR and they can go way up. These amounts have been confirmed by multiple experts within this field, mechanically excluding the vast majority of brands.

Launching a 10k NFT collection on AirGift cost 5kEUR. By standardising the tech into one platform, we were able to reduce the cost by 10 fold

For beneficiaries, we wanted to make it the cheapest possible. So, we made it free, because we couldn’t think of any lower.At AirGift, NFTs aren’t sold, they are gifted (Got our name, now?)


85% of blockchain gas emission comes from mining. Ethereum will soon drastically reduce its footprint thanks to the Merge. We wanted something better. So we audited multiple layer 2 solutions zipping transactions and therefore being 100 fold less impactful.

While we were doing so, Polygon announced they would become carbon negative right from 2022. Not neutral. Negative. Not tomorrow. Today. The Polygon team cracked the code. Kudoz to them. We've simply decided to ride along.


For our v1, we've focused on the core flow: design, set up, automate, distribute, monitor and retrieve. But there are many more to come. Ultimately, we want to become the first all-in-one NFT platform for businesses. Think MailChimp for NFTs. No one in their right state of mind would code its own newsletter. NFTs won't be any different. 


Finally, the billion dollar question I keep hearing over and over: what are all these NFTs for? What is their "utility"? We wrote a whole blog post about why. Here is the short version: 
- Potentially every existing membership campaign you can think of could be wrapped or conditioned within an NFT. Recognition, offering, coupon, conditional discounts, raffles, private access, exclusive content, etc.
- Thanks to the core features of NFTs - i.e. ease to exchange, interoperability - we witness new benefits being invented every week. We've built a tracker to fuel your creativity but we know AirGifters will be on the forefront of coming up with new use cases. 
- Our conviction is that we are simply scratching the surface for now. Beside direct benefits, offering will create an unconscious bias towards your brands.

The great thing about Airgift, is that NFTs are free. Accordingly, beneficiaries' expectations aren’t too high. This gives you a lot of leeway to experiment with the format on your terms and at your own pace.This community building game is a marathon, not a sprint. Don't let out all your ideas right from the initial offering.
Airgift is simple to use, cheap for businesses, free for  beneficiaries. It's carbon negative, features will soon covers the whole spectrum and the benefits are endless. So who are we targeting? 

Literally any business willing to invest in their community. You can be a SaaS startup based in Australia wishing to thank your best customers. You can be a US real estate broker network wishing to highlight your best agents. You can be a non-profit tracking your distribution. Any business, large or small, regardless of its industry or location, can jump on the Web3 rocketship by distributing NFTs.

We can not wait to see you unleash your creativity and together, embrace  web3 in a sustainable way.