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If you are a marketing / tech consulting agency and your customers require an NFT distribution solution, stop reinventing the wheel and let's partner !!

Why partnering

We've encountered dozens of businesses willing to jump in the Web3 rocket ship but who didn't have the budget nor the resources to hand craft their own collection. 

If you had the same experience, now is the time to get back to these prospects and introduce AirGift. Our product is the very first all-in-one platform where any business can start their NFT journey within a matter of minutes. 

You no longer have to code smart contracts and build up reports. Just focus on building a relationship with your customers and let us take care of the product. 

Co-hosting workshops
Set up and operate AirGift on their behalf

Partners testimonials

Pierre Stenger


"We couldn't compete on couple of NFT projets as we didn't had the ressources internally. Now introducing AirGift enables us to be competitive."

Matt Truddeau

Wine Broker

"There is a strong demand for NFTs in my industry. Having zero tech capacities I was able to introduce AirGift to my customers and start operating on their behalf"

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