Usage based billing

Same features and support for everyone. No surprise fees.

Initiation pack

100 NFTs included


Start low just to try it out. 
No string attached


Believer pack

10,000 NFTs included


Why have I even hesitated? 
All in. 


So there isn't any monthly payments? 


When can I buy an extra pack?

You can buy as many packs of any size at any time. You don't have to run out of credit to buy a new one. We will send you warnings when ever you only have a couple credits left. 

Is tax included in all the prices?

It isn't. Additional taxes may apply depending on your country.

Is it possible to have multiple emails under one account?

Of course. AirGift is a collaborative platform. You can invite as many colleagues as you want, regardless of your pack. No extra charges.

How to get in touch with customer support?

Send us your concern at We'll make sure to get you fast and with the best answer possible. 

How to get in touch with sales?

You can schedule a meeting with our team members through this form.