Build your first NFT collection in one hour

The best way to learn is to get your hand dirty. So we've built and we animate a workshop allowing anyone to create their first unique NFT collection on their own. The goal is to demystify while getting a better understanding at the key steps. It's also a great opportunity to ask all your questions and seek inspiration for real use cases. 

Bring your laptop and let's have fun while grasping some Web3 key concepts. 

1h30 of workshop & 30min Q&A
Max group size:
Physical / Zoom

Content table

🎨 Build a collection of unique visuals
- Play with our designer studio
- Generate your visuals based on templates
- Understand decentralized storage

👔 Set up
- Define properties and scarcity
- Add the exact features you need
- Upload a first list of beneficiaries

💌 Distribute and monitor
- Launch your collection
- Share it with your friends and colleagues
- Check transactions on PolyScan

A team member giving a workshop presentation

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